Welcome to my website!

I teach the Alexander Technique, a mind-body tool for health and wellness. This fundamental technique trains you in the natural, healthy way to move your back, your neck, your arms, your knees—and your body as a whole!

For over a century, people have
 reaped diverse profound benefits from this technique such as:
  • relief from back and neck pain, tension, and fatigue
  • improved posture, balance, and coordination
  • elevated performance in sports, music, dance, and theater
  • greater overall well-being and enjoyment of life!
I offer private lessons in the Technique, tailoring them to my students' individual goals and lifestyles. I am currently accepting new students.

New for Spring 2016: Bring-A-Buddy Intro Lessons
Share the fun by taking your first Alexander lesson together with a friend!  Total lesson cost is just $95 for 95 minutes.  No obligations for future lessons.  Call and book your Bring-A-Buddy Lesson now!

17 Winter Street
Watertown, MA 02472

In Watertown Square --
convenient by bus or car!